AI can be used to detect surges in a brand’s negative sentiments on social

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August 12, 2019, 2:56 AM UTC

Marketers can use AI-based social listening to identify users looking for help or those displeased with a brand.

This article recommends using AI to gather social media insights to ultimately deliver better customer experiences. Salesforce’s State of Marketing report found that AI is used by high-performing marketers to identify prospects and to engage with them in a relevant manner.

AI-driven social listening enables marketers to identify customers that have voiced their concerns on social but haven’t tagged the concerned brand. It can also scan social media images to identify brand logos, individual objects and sceneries.

Along with filtering social noise, AI helps in aligning social media insights with email strategies to ensure that users receive emails only when they are most likely to engage. AI can also be used to alert PR teams of a surge in unfavourable sentiments pertaining to the brand.

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