Third-party data sources will be removed from Twitter’s ad targeting options from early next year

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August 09, 2019, 1:04 PM UTC

Advertisers will have to ensure that data is sourced from legitimate and legalised sources.

After confirming that Twitter was mistakenly sharing user data without consent since last year, the social media platform has now announced the removal of third-party data sources from its ad targeting options. This will be effective from early next year.

The platform currently offers data from outside sources to help advertisers target users based on additional insights on trends and behaviour gained from its partnered data sources. But, next year on, advertisers will be responsible for ensuring that the data being sourced is from legitimate and legalised source.

Twitter says that most advertisers on the platform already use their own data, so minimal impact is expected. This piece further says that this incident is expected to enhance data security and safety of user’s personal information.

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