Brands need to have holistic marketing strategies to run successful festival campaigns

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August 02, 2019, 12:37 PM UTC

A survey conducted by Project Simply states that 26.6% of brands considered social as the most effective marketing method.

This piece says that while festivals run for a limited time, they need to build up enough brand equity to stay in consumer’s mind all-year-round. And while brands consider social as the most effective marketing tool for festivals, they need to couple it with data insights and creativity.

Marketers should have a holistic view of communication and mix social media with traditional marketing efforts. Brands need to stop relying on one channel and instead use multiple channels that relate to various parts of consumer’s lives.

Brands also need to prioritise creativity as an essential factor to stand out from the festival noise to engage with the audiences. According to Justin Clarke, vice president and M.D of IMG, brands can achieve growth by delivering on what was promised, rather than setting unrealistic expectations and failing to deliver it.

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