Travel industry’s digital spend expected to surpass CPG by 2020

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July 31, 2019, 12:50 PM UTC

The increased digital spend will make the travel sector fifth-largest vertical overall

The growing competition among hotels and airlines to provide tailored travel experiences has led to the industry increasing their overall digital ad spend. An eMarketer report said that it expects the travel sector to spend an estimated $13 billion next year outspending CPG (12.8 billion).

Search advertising with Google, which provides prices of airlines tickets, has also led to airlines spending more on the platform to appear on top of search results. Increased competition from companies like Facebook and Airbnb have also contributed to increased spending.

Retail is expected to remain the top spender in the digital marketing space with an estimated $33 billion spent. The report also says that the financial sector with ad spend of $18.25 billion on digital will likely surpass the automotive industry ($18 billion).

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