Weekly video content from brands must have consistent elements

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July 29, 2019, 2:40 PM UTC

High quality videos around evergreen topics can have a 5-year life span.

This piece recommends measures that brands can take to create consistently high-value videos for their business. The author recommends mining thought leaders from within the company to be the spokesperson and help the brand grow.

When developing a weekly video series, brands should ensure that the videos have some constant elements that bring an element of consistency for the viewers. Investing in paid ads can help marketers ensure the success of their weekly content as it is getting harder to reach the viewers without an ad directing them to it.

Closing off the videos with a platform-appropriate call to action and inviting them to watch more videos can further help in making effective video content. Brands should also use a customised well-designed thumbnail on their social media platforms to draw the viewers’ attention.

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