Frequent ad exposure reduces brand recall

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July 26, 2019, 4:52 PM UTC

Brand awareness among consumers decreased when exposed to an ad more than four times.

A study by Sublime revealed that brand recall effectiveness is reduced when consumers are exposed to an ad more frequently. The research conducted on Sublime’s advertisers found that consumers exposed to an ad only two or three times showed an increased brand awareness of +6%.

Aided brand awareness also increased by +8% among consumers who were exposed to the campaign just once. While consumers who got exposed an ad more than ten times had decreased awareness of -23%.  Brand recall among consumers with only one exposure increased +26%.

This article says that consumers exposed to ads fewer times are more familiar and favourable towards the brand. Estelle Reale, Global Marketing Director at Sublime, said, “The findings of these studies reinforce the sentiment that bombarding users with ads isn’t the right strategy”.

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