Businesses can leverage the PESO model to collect insights on consumer journey

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July 24, 2019, 4:34 PM UTC

Integrating paid, earned, shared and owned media allows brands to augment their marketing campaigns.

The PESO model allows B2B business to look into their buyer’s journey, allowing them to understand at which stage their customers are and provide relevant solutions. Owned media like emails and blogs can help brands address in-depth problems faced by consumers in their journey.

Brands can further leverage the PESO model to research solutions for the problems occurring in the buyer’s journey. Paid tools like Google analytics can provide marketers with advanced audience demographics. Utilising shared media is a cost-effective way of promoting content on social platforms and raising brand awareness.

Working with journalists can help marketers earn good publicity for their brands, while also turning prospects into potential customers. The author contends that shared and owned media allows brands to advocate their marketing campaigns further.

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