AI and data mining can let CMOs detect upcoming trends

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July 23, 2019, 10:17 AM UTC

Analysing unknown data by using AI can help marketers spot top influencers.

The article states that the inability to show measurable financial result is the biggest issue for CMOs, and AI can help with that. The article shares that for 63.8% of CMOs across different sectors regularly proving the financial impact of marketing activities is a major challenge.

CMOs should use AI and data mining to examine unstructured and unknown data to find new trends. Analysing unknown data can help them discover top influencers (for reputation management) by searching for tweets about relevant topics.

AI can help marketers gain insights which lets them conduct a competitive analysis. This analysis can identify the key search terms that need to be protected from competitors and the ones new content can be focused on. It can also be used to identify KPIs and insights.

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