A brand-safe media environment may not always be a quality one

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July 19, 2019, 11:05 AM UTC

Quality media owners complain that often premium content is automatically filtered out by brand safety algorithms.

This piece argues that advertisers should give importance to a media environment that is brand-safe in addition to being high quality. With the use of programmatic real-time bidding, companies risk sacrificing quality for reach or “infinite scale”.

The author notes that bringing in brand safety tools was not as effective as expected with advertisers reverting to including blacklisted terms emerging from current facts and news. Such inclusions cannot guarantee that the ads end up in quality media environments.  

The piece presents the distinction that pursuing a brand-safe environment is not the same as pursuing one of quality. The author points out that for brands looking for reach, there are enough high quality, brand-safe, walled garden like environments “separate from the programmatic open marketplace and complementary to Google and Facebook”.  

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