Designing innovations can let brands avoid “digital sameness”

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July 16, 2019, 6:42 AM UTC

According to a Forrester research, an effective design thinking can deliver 85% of ROI.

Addressing real human needs and applying creativity to products and services can help brands create innovative experiences for their customers. This allows businesses to counter “digital sameness”, effectively increase sales, achieve a product-market fit and decrease post-launch costs.

This article suggests working with companies that apply human-centric designs. They must also be able to provide in-depth research and should have ideation, iteration and visualisation capabilities. Brands should avoid ignoring tried and tested design patterns and focus on building upon what consumers already know and expect to avoid failure.

The article recommends bringing the internal design team closer to the brand. This can help organisations rethink their customer journey and bring the brand to life. The author contends that brands need to find the right balance between providing a good customer experience while integrating it with creative innovations.

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