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Speaking at a round table, marketers debated how to best reduce friction and provide a hassle-free experience.

This article cites a study by Facebook which found that the opportunity cost of friction to ecommerce brands in the UK alone would be £36 billion in 2019. Beth Horn, head of industry for the retail sector at Facebook noted that integrating online and offline experiences can help brands provide consumers with a seamless experience.

She added that “speed is non-negotiable” with consumers expecting shorter delivery cycle. While creating minimum viable products can help reduce friction, companies should try to discover opportunities to delight consumers.

Organisational silos and a volume sales perspective can limit a brand from delivering a frictionless customer journey. It also hinders them from identifying the transacting customers. Alex Petrogiannis, marketing director of Craft Gin Club said that brands should empower cross-functional product teams while also focusing on brand mission.

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