Using an advanced TV DSP allows overcoming cognitive biases

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July 11, 2019, 12:37 PM UTC

Instead of a complete switch, starting small could be the way to go.

This article proposes making use of an advanced TV DSP to address cognitive biases that probably influence media buying behaviour specially when the connected TV ad inventory landscape is a fragmented one. The author points out that many marketers and media buyers are still buying advanced TV through the “time consuming” process of IOs on the basis of demographics.

Moving to audience-based buys can help minimise waste and ensure reaching the right people at the right frequency. This would involve bringing together a good demand-side platform (DSP), agency partner, a reasonable budget and a data management platform.

The author recommends starting small and opting for a good advanced TV DSP. Through this, agencies will be better able to allocate spends based on forecasted inventory and projected ROI.

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