89% of journalists research a company’s past coverage while writing about them

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July 10, 2019, 6:35 AM UTC

Most US reporters believe their coverage only has “some” impact on shaping brand reputation.

Ogilvy polled 311 journalists across North America, APAC, Latin America and EMEA regions for the 2019 Global Media Influence survey. The respondents believe that corporate announcements like CSR initiatives, financial reporting and strategic decision making are factors that influence how earned media coverage is shaped and how it drives brand reputation.

The journalists reported that brands looking to successfully manage corporate reputation and influence coverage must achieve a balanced combination of earned, owned and paid media. 61% of US journalists believe that their coverage has “some” impact on shaping reputation.

89% of all participants highlighted the importance of earned media by stating that they research past coverage when writing about a company. The article recommends balancing various forms of outreach with sound earned strategies to drive brand reputation.

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