Most UK adults prefer humans over AI for interacting with customer service

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July 08, 2019, 12:14 PM UTC

52% of consumers think that AI would make dealing with brands impersonal.

Majority of consumers in the UK prefer to interact with humans over automated services in all spheres of customer service. According to a survey conducted among 2000 British adults, 85% want to interact with a human representative for bill queries, and 62% prefer talking to humans for lodging complaints.

People are more receptive to AI systems that they choose to use over those which brands foist on them. 77% of consumers said they were satisfied with the way their smart home appliances work, but only 45% of those who used CSR chatbots said they were satisfied.

This piece says that brands need to find the right balance for an omnichannel experience. While automation can be used to lead simple conversations, humans should handle more complicated problems.

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