Smart speaker sales and usage in the US drop on privacy concerns

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July 01, 2019, 5:44 PM UTC

58% of US consumers who own smart speakers worry that hackers could use these devices to get access to their data.

This article cites an NPR and Edison Research report revealing that 69% of smart speaker owners still use virtual assistant devices every day. The report also states that though there are 118.5 million devices in US homes, there are only 53 million owners.

This piece states that privacy and security concerns are stopping more customers from purchasing new smart speakers. 57% of US consumers said that they are not purchasing smart speakers as they fear hackers can acquire their personal information through smart speakers.

According to the report, both smart speaker users and non-users are concerned that “smart speakers are always listening.” 38% of people were also worried that the devices might allow the government to listen to their private conversations.

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