Agencies need to revaluate their models to become disruptors in the market

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June 28, 2019, 11:14 AM UTC

Partnering with experts can help them build functions required in the current landscape.

The author explains what being a disruptor would involve for ad agencies in today’s market. As a starting point, agencies must recognise that their current model is broken. To bring value back to creativity, next step would be to build a new and flexible model.

Agencies must seek expert partners that would help them build functions essential to the current landscape. To become disruptors, they need to define their “futurist thesis”. This would involve identifying the big shifts to come and then choose which of those shifts to focus on.

The author notes that agencies must realise that the competition they now face is from companies that are run by people who are skilled at more than one thing. Having identified similar individuals in the company, agencies must reward this behaviour to achieve a “compounded positive effect” on the business.  

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