Predictive AI can help brands solve customer issues before they arise

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June 26, 2019, 2:44 PM UTC

Combining AI with experience and common sense can help predict customer problems.

This piece argues that predictive customer support will become a standard that customers will expect. Predictive customer service will allow consumers to get support not only before they know they need it, but also before the problem occurs.

The author says that a well-trained customer service executive can predict the customers’ probable problems using CRMs which identify the callers and their last call details. Technologies like AI can further help businesses discover customer problems in advance and help executives provide effective support even before a problem arises.

Using the customer’s previous behaviours and bringing it into line with that of other customers can help establish patterns to predict the customer’s needs. A combination of the right tools, knowledge and expertise can aid brands to fix an issue much before a customer calls for support.

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