Connect online and offline conversion data for accurate attribution

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June 25, 2019, 6:48 AM UTC

Such a strategy can help marketers assess the actual impact of a campaign.

This article notes the importance of having an accurate attribution strategy that can help marketers bring “unbiased measurability to cross-channel campaigns”.  The author makes a case for relying on person-level identifiers instead of gut instinct.

The article suggests that marketers can use real-time data, media execution, segmentation and targeting, and frequency management to maximise ROI. They must connect online and offline conversion data to make accurate attribution easier. However, this doesn’t mean only considering channels with the most amount of conversion data.

Next step would be to attribute media spend at the person level using high-quality identity resolution assets. The author notes that with the use of person-level identifiers, marketers can end their reliance on cookies and can quantify the impact of a campaign in email, display and social channels.  

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