Creating AI-generated ‘synthetic personas’ can help brands predict consumer behaviour

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June 18, 2019, 1:33 PM UTC

Customer personas can act as a human proxy by allowing message testing and discovering new content.

Marketers can refine their messages by incorporating AI and machine learning into their campaigns to create synthetic consumer personas. Brands can use publicly available records or their data to impersonate consumer behaviour without having to invade their privacy.

As consumer behaviours constantly change, marketers will need to regularly update their data to develop an authentic and dynamic customer persona. This piece says that synthetic personas can help brands get audience insights, while effectively testing their campaign messages with far less cost and staff involved.

The author contends that implementing a quarterly program of data ingestion along with social listening tools and open source data can help the synthetic consumer personas to learn and evolve continually. Over time synthetic customer personas can also be refined to represent customer segments effectively.

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