Using heatmaps can help companies improve conversion rates

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June 07, 2019, 4:07 AM UTC

Brands can also use heatmaps to reduce cart abandonment.

Heatmaps use graphics to represent the interaction of a website visitor with site elements such as digital content and page elements. They give companies insight about the impact of design and layout on a user’s actions and conversions.

To identify causes hindering conversion, especially on the checkout page, heatmaps can find the areas on the page where the site’s visitors actually may be clicking. Companies can use this information to make changes in the layout and reduce cart abandonment.

Since heatmaps track eye movements as well, they can help brands understand the areas of attraction on a webpage, allowing businesses to alter page design to prioritise call-to-action. Additionally, a heatmap can also show page elements being overlooked by visitors. This enables brands to make decisions about keeping, relocating or deleting those elements. 

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