Marketers can use granular measurement to assess independent channel performance

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May 21, 2019, 3:05 AM UTC

This form of measurement can also reduce the impact of online ad fraud.

Data obtained through granular measurement can help marketers gain actionable and accurate insights. Granular measurement lets marketers assess the performance of individual channels and also test various offers to determine what’s working best with the audience segments. A marketer can then push the audience to act.

It also allows comprehending the impact of marketing and media tactics on conversions. This can help marketers make well-informed decisions. They can only do so by ensuring that the granular insights are acted on.

Marketers can also use insights from granular measurement to reduce the impact of online ad frauds. Comparing results across publishers can inform marketers of the most effective channels and tactics letting them reallocate budgets and weed out fraud ad placements.  

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