Marketers can use consumer queries and FAQs to come up with new content ideas

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May 21, 2019, 11:43 AM UTC

These can help in understanding the consumer and answering questions no one has answered

As ideating content could be sometimes tricky, this piece advices marketers to utilise FAQs to ideate and strategise content to attract and engage consumers. Content marketers can make a list of popular questions asked by consumers and craft an article answering those questions.

The author argues that creating stories about the people behind the company could also help in producing engaging content.  Finding personal stories about the people making products can help brands build an empathic relationship with the consumers. 

A competitive analysis of competitors’ websites and social networks can aid marketers to identify areas where they need to put in more work. Tracking competitors’ content can not only help marketers understand their strengths and weaknesses, but also help them in ideating better content.

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