Empathetic marketing can be used to build consumer loyalty

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May 21, 2019, 4:28 AM UTC

Brands should focus on addressing the pain points of their audience to convey empathy.   

The author suggests that brands looking to practice empathetic marketing should solve “low-stakes” problems to build loyalty and engagement, instead of solving issues such as environment protection or mental illness.

The piece recommends that instead of looking at the market to “choose a statement” for empathetic marketing, brands should survey their customer base and observe the target audience to identify how its products and services could address pain points. Companies can build dedicated audiences by relating to their “unique circumstances” and create content that is useful for them.    

The author advises brands attempting empathetic marketing through content marketing to set realistic expectations, observe their target audience and to “stay in your lane”. Empathetic marketing can “pay off” when the consumers can clearly define the brand’s message and the brand’s actions.

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