Chatbots need to get better at processing leads

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April 26, 2019, 10:59 AM UTC

Businesses should program chatbot conversations through multiple choice for personalised lead generation.

The author suggests that instead of using AI to make “smart” chatbots, businesses should focus on building on their best attributes. Despite using an AI powered tool, it may still be hard to convert users if it doesn’t allow for personalised, light-hearted and entertaining user conversations. 

The article cites Gartner Research which says that 85% of customer interactions won’t involve humans, by 2020. But this trend doesn’t necessarily prompt AI integration. Because AI chatbots can “struggle” to achieve conversions, brands should program chatbots with a finite number of responses to reduce the risk of interactions going wrong.

With this multiple choice approach users can “choose their own adventure”, allowing for personalised conversations that require low maintenance, while the marketer retains control. The author notes that good use of chatbots can deliver “instantaneous responses” to queries and “seamlessly” transfer leads to human representatives.

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