"Buying Groups" can help B2B marketers sell products faster through personalised channels

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April 24, 2019, 6:15 PM UTC

Creating personalised campaigns based on audience characteristics cannot be automated and requires customisation based on individual organisations.

Marketers can use buying groups to identify specific interests about their individual audiences and develop personalised messages for each person’s choices and characteristics. As one B2B purchase involves decisions taken by multiple people, marketers need to send numerous messages spread out through the buyer’s journey.

The buying groups strategy is “to identify and engage a set of personas involved in making a purchasing decision.” The author suggests marketers first identify relevant people for each product and create their matching persona. Then they need to understand their engagement levels with marketing messages and finally determine progress based on key metrics set by the organisation.

This article states that understanding each buyer’s journey can help B2B professionals create effective sales and marketing strategies. This approach can also help in engaging everyone involved in the decision making process and move them faster through the sales funnel.

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