Brands should be careful about consumers misinterpreting their message

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April 16, 2019, 4:33 PM GMT+0

Misunderstanding of a marketing message can lead to a loss of brand value. 

Brands which fail to take cultural context into consideration while communicating with consumers can cause damage to their goodwill. Marketers can unintentionally neglect the difference between the ideas and their execution, or brand values and the real-life situations, which gives rise to the differences in the received meaning of their messages. 

This article introduces the work of Dr Martina Olbertova, founder of Meaning.Global, who uses Gillette’s recent campaign around the #MeToo to illutstrate her thinking. Dr Olbertova identifies the four most frequently mismatched factors in marketing and business as culture, context, trust and social impact.

The message or tone of an advertisement campaign should not contradict the brand’s business, policies and ideologies. She explains that “When basic meaning structures are destabilised in brands” this impacts their credibility and undermines their ability to create value, attachment and positive change.

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