Personalised drip campaigns can offer a simple and versatile tool to drive conversions

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April 15, 2019, 3:30 PM UTC

Email drip campaigns are economical, easy to set up and require limited long-term planning.

Drip campaigns are an easy way to nurture leads and build relationships. Brands can use marketing automation tools to execute them with more sophisticated and personalised emails based on actions that customers have taken or what content they have engaged with.

This article explains that because email drip campaigns are economical, easy to set up and focus on present, there isn’t any long-term planning required. By crafting effective communication strategies and sending them out regularly, brands can connect with prospects and convert them into customers.

Drip campaigns can also be effectively used to pursue and convert cold sales by educating the customer about how the brand can help them in a series of emails. They can also be used to create more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in the form of newsletters.

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