Music in a brand’s audio identity should match with its message and brand image

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April 15, 2019, 3:16 PM UTC

Marketers get only a few seconds to create an impact with its sonic branding among its listeners. 

Sound creates a strong, physiological recall effect within human minds. While the concept of sonic branding has existed for decades, it is now more widely observed due to the rise of podcasts and home smart speakers. Intel and MGM’s jingles are some of the most famous.

This article suggests that the chosen sound should synchronise with the brand image, its policies and business message. It can help smaller brands to represent their capability and bigger brands to better establish their values among customers. And the key of the music and instruments used should be expertly chosen to reflect the desired response, for example C to evoke trust and D to trigger action.

Setting the right tone is crucial as the brand gets only a few seconds to establish its point. As nothing remains constant, the sound of the brand should be modified from time to time to keep up with changing trends. 

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