Using Facebook's Reach objective can drive conversions

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April 08, 2019, 1:06 PM UTC

Creating Reach campaigns on Facebook can be a cost effective customer acquisition method.

Reach campaigns can help brands focus on smaller audiences and maximise reach within their intended audience segment. Facebook ads allow marketers to set targets on the basis of levels of response. They can then focus on the most responsive audience and curate a relevant campaign.

The author recommends that it is important to set a frequency cap to avoid ad fatigue which is caused by recurring ads. For an effective campaign, brands need to balance to what extent and how often they appear in someone’s newsfeed with the same ad.

The tool is best used to target "hot" audiences - those who have already engaged with the business and are likely to make a purchase. This highly responsive audience can be captured by conducting campaigns for a short duration (for example, three days) followed by  reminder ads and time sensitive offers.

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