Understanding audience culture could open new customer segments

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March 18, 2019, 12:56 PM UTC

Spending time to understand customer’s values can help in better identifying needs.

In an effort to target everyone, brands often pay superficial attention to what customers want without trying to connect to them at a deeper level. This piece contends that when brands take time to understand customer culture, they are better placed to develop relevant products and marketing campaigns.

Approaching the product from a customer perspective can help in creating messages which speak to the customers’ motivations and move them through the purchase funnel. As more customers shift to purchasing products based on their needs in the moment, brands need to tailor their advertising to meet the needs of different audience subsets. 

Brands also need to reanalyse whether their intended target audience is putting off other potential customers. This could allow the brand to develop new products for new audiences which might be interested in its products, without abandoning its base. 

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