Highly focussed content is helping marketers get better email open and click rates

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March 15, 2019, 12:44 PM UTC

A survey from Ascend2 finds professionals are using new methods to get audience attention.

Waning email open and click rates are making marketing professionals reassess their approach to the decades old format. The Email Marketing Survey Summary Report shows that marketing professionals are now looking at new techniques to improve their email marketing results.

Increasing engagement and improving brand awareness are the main objectives for 67% and 59% of email marketers, respectively. This article contends that engagement can be driven by collecting audience data and laser-focussing on the target audience while creating high quality content for them.

Most marketing professionals believe such methods can help create the most effective type of email used for marketing purposes: a combination of personalised messages and single topic emails. This new approach seems to be working, with 64% of those surveyed stating that they believe email effectiveness is improving moderately. 

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