Deep learning could shape the future of SEO

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January 16, 2019, 1:53 PM UTC

Deep learning, a form of AI technology, could have a range of marketing applications.

These systems function in a similar way to the brain by using so-called neural networks to perfect a process by repetition with large quantities of training data to learn from.

The technology is already applied in marketing to improve or automate repetitive but complex tasks like real-time bidding in ad exchanges, or to power chatbots to enhance customer interactions online. It could also be used to automate more sophisticated personalised experiences, if data privacy issues can be overcome.

Another exciting future use for marketers is in automating SEO processes. Because it is a data-driven challenge and requires constant adjustment, optimising websites and content for search should be a good fit for deep learning systems. This will please marketers who find search confusing and technical.

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