Where would you like to go? The desired travel destinations of the rich and working class people

August 01, 2016, 2:45 PM UTC

Australia and New Zealand snag the one and two spot, but the rich prefer South Africa and China

You wouldn’t know it from the irregular weather, but it’s nearly August now and as such holiday season is in full swing. Despite the bad exchange rates that the EU referendum result has generated, millions of people are still looking forward to a foreign holiday. New analysis from YouGov Profiles tells us that – if they had the choice – most people would like to go take a break down under in Australia or New Zealand.

The four most desired holiday destinations are all English-speaking countries, suggesting Brits would prefer to go to a place where they speak the language. These countries all score far higher than more traditional destinations, like Paris (2%) and Rome (3%). This might be because many people have already gone to these places and want to see somewhere new.

It's all about the money

Money, of course, is often the one of the most important factors in determining where people are able to go on holiday. The Profiles database reveals the extent to which rich and poor people’s ideal holiday destinations differ.

When separating answers by social grade (into ABC1 and C2DE), we see that the country that splits opinion most between rich and poor is the US.

The rich want to visit the US far less than working class people, perhaps because they are more likely to have already have been. The same can be said of Germany and Italy.

Then where are the rich going? When looking at the difference between people with an income of £100,000+ and everyone else, China is at the top.

Antarctica also scores surprisingly highly. This could well be due to the fact that some from normal income brackets have never considered going here, while the possibility is more open to the super rich.