Infographic: Countdown to Election day

September 12, 2013, 9:20 AM UTC

With just 19 months to go until the next general election and as we approach party conference season, YouGov reveals a snapshot of the current political state of play.

Our exclusive State of the Nation Infographic brings together the best of YouGov's recent political and issues polling, and illuminates the challenges facing the country and the main political parties as they countdown to election day, May 7th 2015.

The infographic shows how, 19 months out, the British public still tend to blame the spending cuts that have defined the Coalition government's economic policy on the previous Labour government, not the coalition partners themselves. 

It also shows how much the political landscape has changed since the previous election, including how UKIP has surged ahead of the Liberal Democrats as the third most popular political party in Britain. 

Finally, YouGov's polling shows how years after the beginning of one of the worst recessions in recent British history and as the economy begins to recover, it still looms as the most important issue for voters -- but the issue of immigration is close behind. 

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