Nostalgia - is it what it used to be?

November 06, 2019, 4:23 PM GMT+0

The power of reminiscence in marketing.

Shakespeare once said: “What’s past is prologue.” In other words: history dictates the future.

The culture, politics, styles, and attitudes of yesteryear inform the current moment. But beyond the past’s impact on the present, many Brits are actively choosing to look back: 47% say they regularly reminisce. Some even reminisce about periods they never personally experienced.

YouGov and the UK's largest independent media agency, the7Stars, have joined forces to investigate nostalgia in Britain. In our new whitepaper, we examine the way Brits think about the past – and determine the most important associations and signifiers of the 1950s to the Noughties. More importantly, we ask how companies with particularly wistful target audiences can turn nostalgia to their advantage.

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