How Friends of the Earth tested fundraising propositions with YouGov Direct

March 26, 2021, 10:07 AM GMT+0


Friends of the Earth was planning a new fundraising appeal and wanted to test concepts in a quick, cost-effective way. 


Rapid creative message testing using YouGov Direct to test different creative routes with the target audience.


Data showing a clear preference for a single creative and highlighting additional insights on donor behaviors.

Business challenge

Existing subscribers to YouGov Profiles and CharityIndex, multinational charity Friends of the Earth needed to test its latest fundraising proposition with its target audience of donors.

The challenge was to understand which creative design would drive the most engagement on social media, and ultimately result in the most donations for its new Individual Giving cash appeal. Friends of the Earth needed an agile, cost-effective solution to help survey the target audience while meeting tight deadlines.


Using YouGov Direct’s intuitive self-service platform, Friends of the Earth was able to quickly build its audience and survey in minutes. Choosing from our expansive range of variables, Friends of the Earth built a sample by targeting respondents using identifiers such as age and those who donate to environmental causes.

Friends of the Earth first tested its proposed options for social media images, all of which played on emotions towards the government and current events. The survey was sent to a sample of 300 respondents within the UK to give their feedback, and tell Friends of the Earth which creative they preferred. These responses would help Friends of the Earth choose the most impactful message, as well as better understand how its target audience is most likely to donate.


The results showed a clear consumer preference for one of the tested creatives, with a significant increase in respondents feeling stronger emotions towards the appeal and wanting to find out more.

The insights on the artwork and messaging informed the next stage of creative development, and were incorporated into overall strategy alongside additional findings on which channels Friends of the Earth’s target donors are most likely to use for donations.

Friends of the Earth is now looking to regularly incorporate YouGov Direct surveys into the planning processes behind its Individual Giving fundraising appeals.

Client testimonial

"We wanted to test our latest fundraising appeal against our target audience to measure how strong its messaging was, and the client services team gave us practical advice on how to maximize our data findings effectively. It was so insightful to see how we performed, and how we can look to improve our future appeals.”

- Guy Marsden, Individual Giving Officer at Friends of the Earth

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