How does a food manufacturer measure their brand performance?

January 31, 2019, 10:17 AM GMT+0

Food manufacturing brand Natco Foods used the YouGov’s Targeted Research Omnibus to help them make informed decisions about their business objectives.

In an extremely competitive market, how does a business continue to ensure their brand strategy and marketing campaigns continue to not only appeal to their customer base, but to also reach new customers and acquire new business?

Answers to these questions were what Natco Foods, a leading food-manufacturing brand, were looking to find when they approached YouGov RealTime. They also wanted to understand customers’ perceptions and measure the strength of their brand performance alongside key competitors. In addition, they needed data to help make informed decisions about certain charitable partnerships as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Key questions were run through YouGov’s Targeted Research Omnibus to a sample composed of a variety of groups. Questions addressed brand loyalty, business ethics, purchasing decisions and consideration. The sample consisted of just over 1,000 respondents across Britain, allowing for robust samples to analyse results by various groups including, age, region and BAME communities.

The findings of the survey were used in various ways, including presentations to customers when relating the strength of the brand in comparison to their main competitors. The data showed that the Natco Foods brand appeal is stronger among certain communities, informing a major decision to not acquire a competitor in merger proposals. In addition to this, the data was used for analysis on brand perception by breakdowns, such as region and community, to make decisions on advertising campaigns.

Natco Foods donates a substantial proportion of its profits to a range of charitable causes. Data from the survey also highlighted the appeal of various initiatives, informing decisions about how the brand supports charitable causes through partnerships.

Client Testimonial 

“The presentation of the results were very clear and we keep referring back to them to shed light on new questions as they occur to us, using the ability to slice the data in different ways.”

Luke Pagarani, Chair – Natco Foods Ltd.

About the brand

Natco Foods are a global leading brand for spices and herbs, nuts, poppadoms, lentils, gram flour, grains, chutneys, seeds and more. Established in 1961, they source products from all over the world, processing these for the UK and international markets.

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