12% have been on the toilet during work video meeting

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
January 02, 2024, 9:51 AM GMT+0

Young workers are the most likely to have turned their Zoom meeting into a Zoom pee-ting

Last month US presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy made the news after apparently going to the bathroom during a live broadcast on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Now a new YouGov survey shows that the Republican politician is far from the only person to be Zoom-ing from the loo.

As many as one in eight (12%) who ever take part in virtual meetings for work say they have gone to the toilet during the meeting. And we don’t mean left their device behind while they exited the room to use the toilet – we mean brought their device with them to the toilet.

The youngest workers are the biggest culprits, with 21% of 18-29 year old workers who use virtual meetings at work saying they’ve spent a penny while doing so.

Men and women are equally as guilty of answering the call of nature while colleagues are presenting (11-12%).

A YouGov survey earlier this year asked workers about virtual meeting etiquette – the 18% who said that it’s not acceptable to turn your camera off during a meeting may be on to something.

It is safe to say that going to the loo during a virtual meeting can be added to the list of Britons’ inappropriate virtual meeting behaviours. Fully 83% of workers who ever use virtual meetings say doing so is unacceptable, including 64% who consider it “completely” unacceptable. Only 15% believe it is acceptable to bring your meeting to the bathroom.

That said, the majority of those who have ever gone to the toilet during a work virtual meeting do consider it acceptable (56%), although another 43% did so in spite of believing it to have been bad behaviour.

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