Were Chelsea right to sack AVB?

March 13, 2012, 3:57 PM GMT+0

Should Chelsea have sacked Andres Villas-Boas? Why did the team perform poorly under his management? Sports Lab participants have voiced their opinions.

After a series of poor results in the Premier League, Chelsea football club took the decision to sack their manager Andres Villas-Boas on Sunday. Villas-Boas had been appointed as manager last summer, meaning his time as manager of the club lasted just 8 months. He became the sixth manager to be sacked by the club during the ownership of Roman Abramovich.

Debate has been high as to who should take the blame for the club’s current league position outside the top four. Was Andres Villas-Boas the key reason for recent results? Should the players be taking more responsibility? Or should Roman Abramovich have given his new manager more time to build a side?

SportsLab participants have weighed in with their views on the merits of Pearce for the temporary job this summer.

In the meantime, Chelsea has appointed Roberto Di Matteo to manage the team until the end of the season, with a view to selecting a permanent manager in the summer.

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Heres what Sports Lab participants thought...

1. He SHOULD have been sacked

“Because his reading of the game and how he managed the tactics and use of his players to respond to what was happening on the pitch was poor” JaneI, London

“Although Chelsea sit 5th in the table, they should be playing better football. The whole team has been lacking something for years; they need an experienced and stable manager” L. Bulmer, York

“Although he had only been the manager for 8 months he did not have the team behind him which is a recipe for disaster” Robert Longfield, Kent

AVB lost the support of the players, was not experienced enough and was not aware of how the English premier league worked” Geoff Szlamp, Doncaster

Not enough experience for the premier league. When things happen for the first time what similar experience can you look back at to change things? Think he's got a bright future but needs to stay away from premier league for a few years” Mike Shorts, Llanelli

He was terrible and caused friction without any resolution” AJG, Hornchurch

2. He SHOULD NOT have been sacked

He hasn't had a chance really to prove himself yet, eight months isn't even a full season. I think Roman Abramovich should maybe realise, after the number of managers he's been through, that it's not them that's the problem...” Anon

“I agree that the results haven't been good but he should be given until the end of the season. Chelsea is still in the top half of the table. The clubs that show the best results long term have managers who have been retained and shown faith in, e.g. Ferguson, Moyes, Wenger. Kate, Scotland” Anon

“I thought when he took the job it was the wrong time for him, but the players have been very poor. I think Villas-Boas should have been given time to get rid of the dead weight from the team” David S, Wirral

Not a big fan of his, but if you appoint a young, relatively inexperienced but (presumably) reasonably talented (or at least well recommended) manager, who was still in the mix for top 4, you should let him see the season out“ Gareth, East Midlands

The owner expects too much in too short a time. Also they are 5th in Premier League and still in both the FA Cup and Champions League. Is that 'Failure'?” Anon

Who is to blame for Chelsea’s poor form this season?

Andres Villas-Boas

It is the managers duty to motivate and guide the players, they were neither as many have publicly said he isn’t good” L. Bulmer, York

Got to pick inform players and those who will get you goals not been happening. Changing system and leaving experienced players out all in one go will not work. Got to use what you got to its best potential and make changes gradually” Mike Shorts, Llanelli

“As manager he has to take responsibility GD, Warwickshire

The team lacked leadership and only received conflict” Robert Longfield, Kent

“He had the authority....managers are measured on results. That is how it panned out. If only banks worked like that” Victor B, Woking

“Tactics, player selection, lack of clear leadership qualities Glenn, Bolton

The players

Under performing on the pitch, and not giving AVB the respect his decisions deserved. He's the manager, as a player you listen to what he's decided whether you agree or not, and then perform to the best of your ability. Frail & gutless performances on the pitch for me rest more with the players than with the manager” Anon

They have not made an effort to redeem their losses or made any sacrifices to improve the situation. They are paid regardless“ Les, Kent

The players have not backed the manager and given him their support. Many of the players should now know they are not at an age when they are at their peak and should expect they may be on the bench more” Anon

The players think they run the club, so when AVB tried to establish himself they threw tantrums. The players should know that no player is bigger than manager or the club Rob H, Edinburgh

“Their form has been inconsistent. Terry has been distracted with events off the field. Torres has lost his touch. I also think they have not shown the manager enough respect or, probably, listened to what he wants from them. They are overpaid and too big headed Kate, Scotland

“It seems they haven't supported the manager and haven't adapted to his style of play” Anon

“AVB takes a lot of blame, but ultimately the players should be intelligent, talented and hard-working enough to have got something from at least some of the recent games that they dropped Gareth, East Midlands

Roman Abramovich

“He obviously is doing something wrong with the high turnover of managers in the past 9 years. The manager owner relationship seems to be strained and can't be good for the team” Anon

He is too autocratic, dictatorial, and mercurial and lacks the necessary patience. It took Alex Ferguson several seasons to turn round Man U, but he was given the time to do it” Anon

“Because it's not just what has happened this season but over the past 5 or 6 years. Teams that are successful over a long period support their manager and keep him in place - look at Arsenal and Man U” JaneI, London

Because he does not have respect for the game, and buys players to stop them from being brought by other clubs and does not think of the consequences that players may be good individually but may not be able to play as a team” Anon

“Interfering with team matters. If he wants to make himself manager, then do that. Otherwise leave all team matters to a real manager POD, Liverpool

“He hired AVB and also seems to be responsible for allowing good players to go whilst paying too much for new players that are not performing Malc, Rugby

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