YouGov FootballIndex: YouGov’s alternative Premier League tables 

Connor IbbetsonData Journalist
June 19, 2020, 12:36 PM GMT+0

YouGov’s new FootballIndex tool lets us rank Premier League clubs by alternative metrics

The beautiful game finally returned on Wednesday night, in as spectacular and controversial fashion as ever. And while Liverpool’s ultimate victory is already a near-certainty, do the other League teams stand a chance against The Reds if we use some of the new metrics available in YouGov Sport Football Index to build some alternative league tables?

Best Premier League side for quality of football

Firstly, we asked Britons to say which football teams they thought played attractive football, and which teams did not, to rank teams on their quality of play. Unsurprisingly this table roughly resembles the official league table with Liverpool topping its first iteration, followed closely by Manchester City who are currently also in second place in the real thing.

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Interestingly despite being bottom of the official table Brits are fairly impressed with the quality of football from Norwich City, putting them in twelfth place, and the reverse for Newcastle United who sit in thirteenth place in the league table but a firm last place in our quality of football rankings.

Which side has the best-liked players and staff?

YouGov FootballIndex also asks Brits which clubs they associate with players and coaches they especially like, and those they don’t – and once again Jurgen Klopp’s Reds stand above the rest. However, Marcus Rashford’s recent endeavours to lobby the government to provide free school meals may well have played a part in getting Manchester United to second place in the rankings.

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Leicester City take the number 3 slot once again, closely followed by Tottenham Hotspur who secure their highest spot in our tables here in fourth - something Spurs will be hoping to replicate in the official table in the coming weeks. Pep Guardiola and the City Squad take fifth place.

Norwich City and Newcastle United have also done well for themselves, remaining close to the middle of the table, leaving Crystal Palace in last place for most liked players and coaches.

Which side has the best management?

A look at the rankings for which teams Brits connect with good management and owners sees Liverpool and Manchester vying for first place for a second time, followed by Leicester City. The owners of Sheffield United will also certainly be pleased with their club clocking in at fourth place for best management.

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Tottenham on the other hand will likely be disappointed with Spurs coming near towards the bottom, just behind Watford. Newcastle United bring up rear once again however, with Brits not connecting The Magpies with good management this around.

Which club has the best tradition?

Our final alternative league table looks at how adults view the tradition surrounding each Premier league club – and this metric really shakes up the formula with Liverpool finally knocked off the top spot.

Manchester United is currently seen as the team with the biggest tradition by adults, pushing Liverpool into second place. The Gunners secure third place and Newcastle United net their highest position on the four tables by taking fourth ahead of Tottenham.

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Manchester City places eighth, their lowest ranking across the four alternative tables, and Leicester City rank thirteenth, also their lowest performance across the board.

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