Is Stuart Pearce the man to replace Fabio Capello?

February 29, 2012, 4:11 PM GMT+0

Is Stuart Pearce capable of leading the England team to the European Championships? We asked Sports Lab participants for their opinions. Join the debate here

Following the resignation of Fabio Capello as manager of the England football team, debate has been intense amongst football fans as to who should replace him. With the European Championships just over three months away, time is short for the Football Association to decide on a concrete plan of action.

Stuart Pearce was recently appointed as caretaker manager for this week’s friendly with the Netherlands. This has presented the option to the Football Association of Stuart Pearce managing the team on a temporary basis until the end of the Euro 2012 Championship.

SportsLab participants have weighed in with their views on the merits of Pearce for the temporary job this summer.

Pearce has stated that he would be willing to take the team to the Euros, before the appointment of a new permanent manager in time for the World Cup 2014 qualification games.

Is Stuart Pearce the man to replace Fabio Capello? Join the debate by using Disqus below

Here's what our polls participants had to say…

1. Yes, he would be suitable

Argument 1 – Passionate about his country

“He speaks English, he has passion for the England team and he'd be keen to impress his bosses at the FA” Anon

“Pearce has passion and I think the players will do their best for him. Neither was the case with Capello” Anon

“He is a true English man with plenty of experience playing for England which he was proud to do and gave his all. If he could pass on his attitude it could be the start of a very good England team” Anon

Because “he is PROUD to be English and this pride will make him more determined - and this determination may rub off on the players” S Pearce, Nottingham

"Totally committed Englishman and knowledgeable on all aspects of the job" - Dave R Sheffield

Argument 2 - Performed well with the Under-21’s

“He brought on a lot of good talent that will be to the benefit of English football in the future” Mike, Blackpool

“A semi-final and a final in the 3 major tournaments he has managed at far exceed the senior team” Martin Murphy, Tottenham

“Taking the team to 3rd place in 2007 and runner up spot in 2009, winning over half his games, and developing a new generation of players... hopefully a new golden generation, rather than an overpaid media hyped golden generation that failed” Mr Elston, Derby

“He's brought many young players through the ranks up into the senior team. Although we've not won any major competitions we have done well in them” Louise, Shropshire

“He's already got a vast amount of experience of doing a similar job with England's Under-21s, at a major tournament to boot, and many of the current squad have worked with him in that capacity. He also commands a fair bit of respect, for both his playing and coaching careers Bob, Glasgow

Argument 3 – Good communication with the players

“Pearce is more able to get his ideas across as he speaks the football language better than Capello” Bill Entwistle, Morecambe

“He speaks English!” Allan Mac, Liverpool

“The players will respond much better to a fellow Englishman who understands their culture. They will also be far more competitive and will reflect Pearce's fighting spirit Anon

“Fabio Capello could not communicate with the players; this seems to be underestimated. In any other job you would not be able to manage staff you could not speak the same language on” Martin Murphy, Tottenham

“It needs a Brit to manage a Brit, nobody else understands our unique passion” Anon

Argument 4 – Keep Pearce temporarily

“It is a good opportunity to see how Pearce could manage the team and Redknapp could be available later rather than sooner”Anon

“Let Pearcey have a go. If he wins the comp, or if we do well and get to the later stages, just cause for giving him the job full time?” Alphonso Delard

“The FA then has more time and Harry Redknapp is more likely to be available” Andrew, St Austell

If we appoint a permanent manager now I believe we will not be giving enough time to the decision and will be acting on a feeling of expectation from the wider world” Louise, Shropshire

“The squad for Euro 2012 has already been put together and should only require fine tuning. It is too late for anyone to come in and start from scratch. We need someone from within the existing structure and then the matter should be fully reviewed” Martin, Berkshire

“Firstly, it's too close to the end of the season for a manager to leave their club. Secondly, it's too close to the Euros for a new manager to understand how his new employer works before managing the team” Robert, Essex

2. No, he would not be suitable

Argument 1 – A permanent manager is needed

“Why wait? Appoint a manager as soon as is practical to allow him/her to meld with the team and to allow an understanding of its current performance” Geoff, Croydon

“It is important to have a level of cohesion within the team when entering such a big competition. This will not happen if there is no manager or stability Rach, Northern Ireland

“A manager who knows his position is already secure and will be more willing to make the hard decisions that England need in order to be successful Anon

“The Euros are testing grounds for a world cup. The manager needs to be in place so he can check out his squad, and determine if there are players who are not up to the task” Brian L, Bolton

Argument 2 – Lack of experience

“Lack of experience of managing a top level team domestically and internationally” Anon

“He has no relevant experience. He has no chance of winning anything. If he manages a top side and wins a series of major trophies then give him the chance, not before” Super Don

“He hasn't managed a top club in Europe and had success, the new England manager should have a proven record with success and being able to manage top level players” Jonathan Ryan, Biggleswade

“He has a poor managerial record at club level, so why should this suddenly make him an international manager" Colin J, Bristol

“He hasn't any experience managing at the top level that is worth mentioning. He has little motivational skills and limited tactical nous” Cyberslob, Wigtol

Argument 3 – Disappointment with under-21 team

“The team has not improved since he has been in charge” Anon

“He has not gotten them to progress and shown the vast gap between England and Spain when they played recently” Joel, Manchester

“His stewardship of Under-21s has been poor. Anon Name

“His experience is limited to the Under 21s and his record with them in Euro and world championships has been average”Anon

“What have the under 21s ever won under him?” Anon

Is Stuart Pearce the man to replace Fabio Capello? Join the debate by using Disqus below