Meat and music

September 15, 2010, 8:13 PM GMT+0

Eccentric popstar Lady Gaga is at the top of theTellYouGov leaderboard, with a volume score of 384 and sentiment score of -164, as her controversial exposure in the press continues after she wore a dress entirely composed of meat for the MTV Video Music Awards.

The awards, or VMAs, never fail to spark dispute, but this year it was not Kanye West’s stage intrusion or Madonna and Britney’s kiss causing a commotion, but Gaga’s notorious fashion sense that secured her place as the weekend topic of conversation. Her ‘meat dress’, said to have been made of real meat, got a roasting, while her record 13 nominations and coveted ‘Video of the Year’ award win became little more than incidental news.

Gaga’s leap up the leaderboard also comes in the wake of feminist writer Camille Paglia’s controversial ‘demolishing’ of the ‘icon’ in last Sunday’s Sunday Times, which has in turn sparked many comments and stories about the relevance and intentions of the controversial star.

Pointless exhibitionism?

Unsurprisingly, Gaga’s gourmet garb has provoked a mixed response from tyggers. While some hailed it ‘fun’, ‘entertaining’ and ‘superb’, the majority claimed the outfit was purely for ‘self promotion’ and ‘pointless exhibitionism’. One tygger called the move ‘undignified, offensive and ignorant’, indicating that many users are not too happy with her ‘edible fashion’.

Some users ignored the filet fashion faux-pas, content to comment solely on Gaga’s ability as an artist (she is a singer, after all), calling her ‘brilliant’, ‘a genuine popstar’ whose ‘philosophy’ they ‘adore’.

However, others questioned the ‘weird’ character on which Gaga appears to capitalise, one going as far as to suggest she’s ‘really lost the plot’, while another argued that ‘sensationalism should not substitute for talent – or obscure it’.

Domination of entertainment

Although Lady Gaga’s ‘meat dress’ may soon be forgotten, Gaga herself surely won’t. Her TellYouGov volume score is still increasing rapidly while opinion on the board remains divisive. With the launch of her signature perfume and an upcoming tell-all biography, not to mention more awards than we can count, Lady Gaga looks set to dominate entertainment news, and the TellYouGov leaderboard, for a long time to come.

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