Daybreak or Sunset?

September 09, 2010, 9:59 PM GMT+0

New ITV breakfast show Daybreak, debuted last Monday morning with the former BBC The One Show presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley as the ‘new face’ of breakfast television, and has risen up the TellYouGov leaderboard in response.

At its peak it was the second most talked about show on the board, just behind the widely-debated and often controversial The X Factor, also on ITV. However, this heightened popularity is not necessarily good news for those involved as, despite the high volume of sentiments, the overall verdict among tyggers is a thumbs down. The topic’s sentiment score plummeted to -53 after the programme’s first broadcast.

‘Amateurish’ and ‘monotone’

Criticism was rife, with some users deciding the show was ‘really amateurish’, suggesting that ITV ‘scrimped on quality’ to pay for the presenters' high salaries. Others chose to focus on the apparently ‘failed effort’ to rebrand previous breakfast show GMTV, claiming that ‘[Daybreak] isn’t new at all’. Another stated that ‘it’s ‘just as bad as GMTV was’. Despite the hype surrounding the show, the general opinion among tyggers seems to be one of disappointment, with one viewer simply writing, ‘oh dear’.

The presenters of the show also attracted much comment from tyggers, perhaps due to the controversy surrounding the big-budget move of Chiles and Bleakley from BBC to rival ITV. Chiles’s ‘monotone voice’ appears to put many viewers off, with one questioning whether it is meant to ‘wake you up or send you back to bed’, while Bleakley allegedly ‘looked lost’ without an autocue. One panellist has a theory on why the pair seems to lack the prized The One Show flair, explaining that ‘the format that is The One Show made Chiles and Bleakley, not the other way around’.

‘Golden duo’

It isn’t all bad news for the programme, though. Fans of Chiles and Bleakley seem happy to see the ‘golden duo’ back on their screens, and one user found the show ‘so entertaining’ that they actually commented during the show, saying ‘so far, so good’.

And while one tygger suggested they would be ‘staying away from ITV’ in favour of the BBC as a result of the new schedule, a quick hop look at the 'BBC' TellYouGov topic finds that some think ‘Daybreak’ has actually revitalised ITV and left the BBC ‘looking tired’ in comparison.

It seems only time will tell whether Daybreak’s TellYouGov ratings rise or set in the upcoming weeks.

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