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September 08, 2010, 8:12 PM GMT+0

Singer Katy Perry has garnered a respectable level of interest on the TellYouGov leaderboard in the past 48 hours, with a volume score that has increased by 53 points to 85 in the same time frame. Perry’s sentiment score of 40 indicates that TellYouGov users, or ‘tyggers’, have been commenting positively about the I Kissed a Girl star.

Increased levels of interest surrounding Perry, who was born Katheryn Hudson, are likely to be linked to the release and UK promotion of single California Gurls, and follow up release of Teenage Dream from the album of the same name. She has also seen increased column inches due to her engagement to comedian and television presenter Russell Brand.

'An amazing voice’

Overall there has been a positive response to Perry’s new album among tyggers, with many calling it ‘fab’ and ‘great’, and certain songs, notably Teenage Dream and California Gurls, receiving much individual praise. One called the ‘latest single surprisingly catchy’, while others found it ‘light-hearted’, ‘lush’, and ‘a guilty pleasure’.

One tygger suggests that this album allows the listener to ‘hear a much deeper and more serious side to Katy’s singing’; indeed, one tygger explains, ‘I used to dislike her in the past as I thought her music was cheesy and unoriginal, but I'm really liking Katy Perry more and more’.

‘I think I’m in love’

A fair amount of positive comments centred not on the music but on the singer herself. Well known as much for her straight-talking as her ‘kooky’ style often reminiscent of 1950s ‘pin-up’ girls, adjectives that crop up to describe Perry are ‘honest’, ‘likeable’, ‘fun’ and ‘down to earth’, while her good looks are also frequently commented on by users, who call her ‘personable’ and ‘a real woman’. While one congratulated the singer on her recent X Factor judging performance, one even said ‘I think I’m in love’.

‘She can’t sing!’

On the other hand, Perry has attracted her fair share of criticism. Some tyggers have simply complained that Perry is ‘not a very good singer’; one called her a ‘worthless musician’ with ‘awful songs’. Others have criticised Perry’s outlandish personality and behaviour, calling her a ‘horrible woman’, ‘a bit loopy’, and a ‘poor role model’. One tygger called her ‘annoying’ while another simply asked ‘who?’

Her high-profile engagement has also been attracting comment, with one asking ‘what is she doing with Brand?’ Another suggested that she should ‘dump Brand’ if she wants ‘any chance at longevity’. It seems some agree with the user who lamented that Perry is just ‘overrated’.

The numbers would disagree, however, and Perry is still proving popular. Her volume score has begun to drop but the sentiments have continued to improve over the past 24 hours, suggesting that for those who love her, Perry is undeniably on the up.

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