Boris cycles up the leaderboard

August 03, 2010, 12:41 AM GMT+0

Boris Johnson is currently enjoying a respectable position on the TellYouGov leaderboard, boosted by generally positive comments, or ‘tygs’, focusing on his performance as Mayor of London and his latest scheme, Barclays Cycle Hire. The volume of tygs about the mayor has reached a respectable 81, while his sentiment score stands at a positive 25.

Barclays Cycle Hire

Boris’s latest venture, Barclays Cycle Hire, which was launched yesterday, allows Londoners to hire bicycles cheaply on a short-term basis, and is popular among many ‘tyggers’, or users. One commented that ‘[it’s] good to see Boris encouraging London workers to take advantage of new hire cycles’, while another lent him their support by saying they ‘hope the bicycle idea catches on’. Another expressed admiration for the Mayor, feeling that he is setting an example through his cycling habits: ‘[I] love seeing him cycling around London and his new bikes are a great idea’.

Not all were supportive of the new scheme, however, with one decrying the ‘unnecessary bicycles’ and another hypothesising that the ‘silly bike scheme will come to nothing’.

‘A bit of a bumbler’?

Some tygs have centred on others aspects of the Mayor’s policies and personality, with a number of tyggers describing him as ‘open’, ‘eccentric’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘entertaining’. And while some describe Boris as ‘an endless source of amusement’, others pay tribute to the Mayor’s arguably less visible serious side, saying that they find him a ‘good ambassador for London’ and ‘a lot more competent than his public image suggests’.

Some tygs were emphatically negative, however, with one calling Boris ‘a joke’, another writing that they ‘can’t recall a single achievement of his’ and one disgruntled tygger claiming that he is ‘ruthless’ despite ‘pretending to be a bit of a bumbler’. Some focused on his rather unorthodox appearance, with one tygger flatly stating that ‘I don’t like his hair’ and another demanding that he ‘comb his hair and tidy [himself] up ‘, because he ‘represents us Londoners around the world’.

As the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme continues to attract comment, and with some genuinely negative comments tempering the positive, it seems that Boris will be dividing opinion for some time yet.

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