Underground communications

July 22, 2010, 9:36 PM GMT+0

In the light of London Mayor Boris Johnson’s recently expressed desire to carry out a plan to introduce WiFi and mobile phone coverage on the London Underground Network, a new survey reveals that the majority of London adults would welcome the plan, although the loud noise and crowdedness could be a problem for it to work effectively.

The majority of London adults (59%) would be supportive if the plan to introduce Wi-Fi and mobile phone coverage on the tube goes ahead. When asked which communication channel people would prefer to use, mobile phone coverage (55%) takes precedence over a desire for WiFi (24%). As many as 67% of Londoners would send texts, 41% would check/send emails and 40% would make calls if communication channels were enabled on the London Underground network.

However, the survey also highlights challenges to the scheme. 68% feel that the tube would be too loud for people to use their mobile phones adequately and 52% think that the tube is too busy for this purpose. Another concern is that it might constitute a security risk, according to 61% of respondents.

The public will have to wait and see whether London will join the league of capital cities with widespread WiFi and mobile phone coverage.

Survey details and full results