Everybody in Love with JLS?

July 20, 2010, 1:08 AM GMT+0

British boy band JLS (whose name is an acronym for ‘Jack the Lad Swing’) has been slowly creeping up the TellYouGov leaderboard to make the site’s front page for the first time ever in the wake of the release of their new single The Club is Alive. The topic ‘JLS’ peaked at a volume score of 44 and maintained a neutral sentiment score of 0 in the past 24 hours – meaning that while the band divides opinion, as many people love them as don’t.

The male four-piece was runners up in the fifth series of The X Factor in 2008, and stormed the charts with their self-titled debut album in November 2009, following the tearaway success of their first singles, Beat Again and Everybody in Love.

The recent influx of comments, or ‘tygs’, has mainly related to their new single, which topped the charts last week. However, many users, or ‘tyggers’, do not seem impressed with the song, with one complaining ‘it is the most annoying song I have ever heard...it makes my blood boil that it reached number one’. Another tygged ‘[it’s] repetitive and doesn’t make sense’. It seems the lyrics are provoking debate, as one critic noted that “you could be the DJ, I could be the dance floor, you could dance up on me” are ‘nonsensical’.

Despite this wave of disapproval, though, it seems the boys are certainly doing something right, with a shelf-full of awards and a quadruple platinum album under their belts. The new single has so far sold 84,283 copies, and has been described by many positive tyggers as ‘a great catchy new song’. Many simply claimed that they ‘love the new single’. Others commend the ‘brilliant music for a band that came second [in The X Factor]’ and one claimed to ‘love their musical development; and ‘the energy’ from what seems like ‘a nice bunch of guys’. Some, however, feel that the band are ‘stuck in the 90s’, perhaps making reference to their energetic dance routines and complementary outfits, reminiscent of earlier years when boy bands dominated the charts.

With a very mixed review from tyggers, and JLS remaining at a neutral score on the leaderboard, it remains to be seen whether JLS will have everybody in love this time next week...(we couldn’t resist. Sorry.)

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