Goddess of love?

July 02, 2010, 12:07 AM GMT+0

Fresh from appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and performing with the Scissor Sisters at Glastonbury last weekend, Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue has been popular among TellYouGov users, or ‘tyggers’, in the last 48 hours, reaching a high volume of 63 (up 36) and an impressive positive sentiment score of 53 (showing an increase of 36 over the same time period).
The release of Kylie’s new album, Aphrodite, as well as her new single All the Lovers, has surely boosted her score. Tyggers have heaped praise on the new material, with one saying they ‘love her new single’ and another calling it ‘fab’. Others have described the new single as ‘catchy’ and ‘the best Kylie song in years’, with one tygger predicting it is ‘going to be a summer hit’, and one was a convert, saying they were ‘not normally a fan, but the latest song is great’.

As well as enjoying her new music, some tyggers have taken the opportunity to compliment her more generally, for ‘still displaying a positive image and being a good role model after so many years in the business’. One thought that she just ‘keeps on getting better’. Another emphatically announced ‘she doesn’t need to look cheap to sell her music’, while one even said Kylie ‘makes the world a better place’.

However, despite the wave of positive comments, or ‘tygs’, there have been some inevitable negative ones. One tygger described the ex-Neighbours star as ‘overrated’, while another complained ‘her new single sounds the same as all her other material’. One scathing tygger recommended that she was a ‘has-been’ and ‘should retire’.

However, these less-than-flattering tygs are in the definite minority, and it seems that most are loving Kylie’s catchy comeback. Keep checking TellYouGov to see if Aphrodite keeps living up to its name.

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