Lie back and think of England

June 21, 2010, 6:51 PM GMT+0

As World Cup fever reaches an ever higher pitch among growing controversy, it seems that more English football fans would rather see England win the World Cup than have sex with the man or woman of their dreams, according to recent research for the Sun.

57% would rather have 90 minutes of good sex compared to just 30% who would prefer to see England win a match in the knockout stages of the World Cup.
And when it comes to sex with the man or woman of their dreams, 49% would pass, claiming that they would prefer England to take home the World Cup trophy, compared to 41% who say they would rather sleep with the person of their dreams.

Finally, when asked the killer question, ‘Would you give up sex for a year in exchange for England winning this year's World Cup?’ a hardcore minority of fans (24%) claim that they would make such a sacrifice, while the majority (70%) would not.

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