Has Britain got talent?

June 04, 2010, 12:34 AM GMT+0

Britain’s Got Talent returned to the nation’s screens earlier this spring, but with the finals drawing to a close this weekend, there has been a considerable increase in the volume of comments about the programme on TellYouGov’s leaderboard – and most of them negative.

On June 3rd, Britain’s Got Talent surged up the leaderboard with a volume of 136, boosted by a recent increase of 70 points, placing it well within the top ten topics and making it more talked-about than the World Cup and new box office release Sex and the City 2.

Despite this recent buzz, though, comments have generally been negative, as evidenced by the -39 score, representing a huge drop of 52 points in 24 hours. At the time of writing, the sentiment score has dropped further to -88, second only in negative score to that of oil disaster company BP.

Some users, or ‘tyggers’, have praised the show as entertaining and funny, and some have even picked out their favourite acts, in particular Stevie Starr (a professional regurgitator, who swallowed objects and then appeared to ‘bring them back up’ on demand) and Spellbound (a gymnastic group). A number of comments, or ‘tygs’, praised Britain’s Got Talent as ‘great entertainment’ and one claimed that it is a ‘great showcase for diverse talents’.

However, most tyggers do not agree – the majority of remarks have been unfavourable. A great number of tyggers have denounced the TV programme as tedious and exploitative, with one claiming that it ‘takes advantage of vulnerable people’ and another criticising the decision to show it every night this week prior to the final: ‘on every night this week? You're having a laugh!’ Many claim that the show does not represent true talent and a number allege that the quality of the show has decreased in recent months – one called it a ‘Major letdown this year’. One tygger even goes so far as to complain that the show is ‘an insult to our intelligence’.

It seems that whatever your opinion, Britain’s Got Talent is set to keep a respectable place on the TellYouGov leaderboard – at least until this Saturday night.

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